Florence received her undergraduate degree from the National Taiwan University of the Arts and subsequently came to the US for graduate education on a scholarship from the Taiwanese government, majoring in piano performance under the tutelage of Abby Simon at the CUNY University of New York. She later pursued doctoral studies and performed in masterclasses with Byron Janis, Ruth Slenczynska and others.

Being a strong proponent of cultural exchange, Florence has helped advance music education worldwide, performing at the concert commemorating the Seventieth Anniversary of China's Victory in World War Two and hosting a series of piano-instruction seminars and a masterclasses tour in China. Moreover, she has conducted piano seminars in Beijing, at Duke University and at the Chamber Orchestra of the Triangle, where she is a board member. In 2019, Florence became Co-director, alongside luminaries such as Gary Graffman, of the USA IMAE Piano Festival & Competition.

Through the years, Florence's students have done extremely well in local, regional and national piano competitions hosted by the MTNA, winning state and national first prizes on multiple occasions. As a result, her students have been invited for solo performances with the Winston Salem Symphony, the Tar River Orchestra, the Chapel Hill Orchestra, and the Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra.


On her fourth birthday, pianist Florence Ko received her very first piano lesson from her mother and never looked back. At age five, she officially enrolled in classical piano training. Growing up in her native Taiwan, Florence won countless piano competition awards around Asia and in the United States. In addition to being actively involved in cultural programs organized by the Taiwanese Ministry of Education such as the Asia Music/Culture Season and the Taiwan-Korea Classical Music Exchange Series, Florence dazzled audiences with performances as concerto soloist as well as in chamber music and solo recitals across Asia, the US and Europe, playing at celebrated venues such as the National Taiwan Concert Hall, Lincoln Center, CNN, Kennedy Concert Hall, Carnegie Hall, etc.  Along the way, she garnered awards from the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association, the Aspen Music Festival Music Scholarship, and the Taiwan Concert Artist Guild. After being named Most Promising Young Musician in Taiwan, Florence performed in North American and Japanese tours on invitations by the US Music Teachers National Association and the Asia Culture Concert of Japan, respectively.

Over the past ten years, Florence has organized over one hundred community concerts and student recitals. More recently, she was named a Steinway Top Music Educator and was invited to judge the piano competition at the United Nations Global Talent Awards Ceremony and at the Steinway Hall competition. As a result of her contribution to the local music scene, she was nominated in 2019 for and became a member of the inaugural class of the Steinway Teacher Hall of Fame.

旅美鋼琴家教育家 柯秀亭Florence Ko 四歲由母親啟蒙教導學琴,接受專業古典鋼琴訓練。在學時期曾多次獲全國音樂比賽奬項,並以音樂院交換學生身份公費赴日本鋼琴研習。演出活動包括由台灣教育部推廣的亞洲文化音樂節,中韓古典音樂文化交流音樂季。曾經多次舉辦海內外鋼琴獨奏會,並與管弦樂團演奏協奏曲和室內樂合奏演出;包括費城音樂院交響樂團, 台北愛樂室內樂, 高雄市交響樂團, 紐約市大交響樂團, 福爾摩沙室內樂團演出。曾榮獲台灣國家音樂廳樂壇新秀奬, 台灣中山國際藝術節鋼琴指導, 台灣總統就職音樂會, 應美國音樂教師協會MTNA 之邀請於北美洲巡回演出;演出地點包括亞歐美洲,紐約林肯中心, 甘迺迪音樂廳, 台灣國家音樂廳。近幾年音樂包括紀念中國抗戰勝力70週年, 黃河音樂盛會演出;杜克大學舉行鋼琴講座活動; 美國史坦威鋼琴大賽評審;費城國際音樂節副總監;擔任北卡交響樂團董事;全球精英才藝大賽聯合國頒獎典禮;多次榮獲史坦威頂級教師獎;以及榮獲北美洲僅有的43位史坦威教師名人榜榮膺。

柯秀亭畢業於台灣國立藝術大學,赴美至費城音樂院研究所及紐約市立大學攻讀鋼琴演奏及博士班研習,在學期間並在寇蒂斯音樂院接受室內樂培訓。主修老師柴可夫斯基大賽得主Susan Starr 及Abby Simon.


Steinway & Sons Teachers Hall of Fame

USA IMAE Piano Festival Co Director

Steinway & Sons Top Educator

Board  of Chamber Orchestra of Triangle

Global Talent Show Inc. Artistic Advisor